The hills of happiness


Oil on canvas 93cm x 93cm x 3.7cm
Signed and dated by the artist (reverse)
Hard wood frame: Mansonia, (African black walnut)
Natural framing – this hard wood species is NOT listed in the CITES
Appendices or on the IUCN List of Threatened Species.
Catalogue reference: CK-jj017
Ready to hang

Happiness is something difficult to quantify and maintain. We can often find ourselves halfway up or halfway down that hill. It’s not possible to sit at its peak all the time. The trick is to recognise the riches you have and spend your time somewhere on the mountain as often as you can.

‘The hills of happiness’ is a work designed to fill the viewer with positivity, hope and energy. Crammed with warm summer colours and wide expressive smiles that speak to the power of humour, affable encounters and good relationships.

See DESCRIPTION for more information about this work and artist’s notes.

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Cross-braced frame. Ready to hang.

Artist’s notes

How far up the hill of happiness are you?
During the short, cold days of the English winter months I recall seeing my best friend from secondary school writing poetry in his council flat living room. He sat under ‘daylight bulbs’ enclosed by a white-washed table-top cubicle, fighting writer’s block and severe depression. He suffered from seasonal affective disorder (SAD) a type of ‘winter depression’ often linked to lack of sunlight during the shorter autumn and winter days that can affect the hypothalamus’s production of melatonin, levels of the hormone serotonin and the body’s internal clock (circadian rhythm).

I don’t know where my old school pal is now, but ‘The hills of happiness’ is a work, I thought would have helped him through some of the darkness of his winter depressions.

Viens of surrealism flow through this work. The mind allowed to dream freely, hands working spontaneously, wandering and exploring where all borders are removed. The classic surrealist tropes of unexpected and illogical juxtapositions, mixed in a warm aerial landscape.

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