The gem cutter


Oil on canvas 100cm x 80cm x 4cm
Signed and dated by the artist
Catalogue reference: CK-jj014
2 preparatory sketches attached on canvas reverse
Painted in Alkmaar Holland and Barcelona Spain

This work offers a tilted hat to the mysterious skills of the gem cutter. The craftsmen sitting at the latter stages of man’s affinity with, and desire for shiny stones. A long, dangerous journey that starts dark underground and ends around the illuminated necks and digits of the wealthy.

See DESCRIPTION below for more information about this work and artist’s notes.


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Artist’s notes:

Although there is an established process for cutting an emerald, the ultimate decision for the final cut depends largely on a somewhat mystical relationship between the cutter and the stone. Cutting an object of such high value is a bold undertaking requiring creativity and ingenuity and the best emerald cutters rely not only on a lifetime of experience but also knowledge passed down through generations. Emeralds are recognised as one of the four principal precious gemstones along with ruby, sapphire and diamond and while gemologists judge a diamond’s clarity using a 10x loupe, the clarity of an emerald is often assessed with the naked eye.

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